What is the difference Between Black Hat SEO and Negative SEO

Hello friends! All the Blogs and forum having websites were filled with some of the same questions. And these questions were like this: What is the difference between Black Hat SEO and Negative SEO? What is more troubled for our website? How can we identify the type of techniques which harm our business? How can we remove impacts of those links from our website? All of these questions were revolves in our mind whenever we are thinking about these two terms. But first of all we have to acquire knowledge about both the mentioned terms. So here I am trying to clarifying the both mentioned terms for your better understanding. Here we are trying to differentiate both of them if you know any other factor so please help us. There is not a wide or broad difference between both but a little, which is very helpful for you.

Black Hat SEO:

Blackhat SEO is an activity or technique that are used to manipulating the search engines and these activities were considered not so good. These types of activities were done only to manipulate Google in the ranking factor even customer’s satisfaction also ignored in this strategy. Keywords stuffing, doorway pages, invisible text were some of the examples of these activities.

Negative SEO:

Negative SEO is an act of doing the black hat, illegal and malicious activity on a particular competitor’s website. It means in Negative SEO, someone is working for down your rank in Google search engine. Negative SEO is done with anyone whether you are popular or not, you have established your business years ago or last night. Because these activities were done by your competitor. These can be both like off the page or on the page. It means someone who is trying to down your site on Google, can use any methods for misguiding the Search Engine about you. It can be done by posting some illegal or wrong information about the business or making changes in your website by getting FTP details with any fraud mean.

How can we able to identify those bad techniques for Our website:

It is very difficult to find out the exact reason of our downgrading rank on google. Does it do by a black hat or negative SEO or any other Google update?

  1. You should review your links on a regular basis so that if there is any unusual activity is happening, it would be trapped.
  2. Upgrade your security so that no one even thinks to harm your website by any mean whether black hat or negative SEO.

Which is more dangerous for our website:

Well, we are not very confident about giving a position of more dangerous between both as both were impacted your website in Google’s ranking. So, it depends up to you, that which is bad for your website as there were a different requirement for different website holders

Hope this blog will help you in understanding better about the Black Hat SEO and Negative SEO.

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