Do Follow PDF Submission Site List 2018

PDF is stand for ____________ and PDF Submission is considered as an activity in the eyes of Google. Generally, People share some PDF of any content on the sharing websites and get backlinks for their websites. There is a good way of utilizing your blog or article content with the help of PDF. Just imagine you just post a blog and after posting if you convert the word file into PDF. Now submit the same PDF on PDF sharing websites. Simple, now you can earn two backlinks for the same content. But always keep in mind that, whenever you are using the user content, always mention the Original Source on it. Original Source means where you are using the content so that Google will not punish you for the duplicate content. So now Do Follow PDF Submission Site List 2018 is here to help you in making good Links to your website. Now post blogs and use the same content with minor changes for your PDF Submission and remember about the Original Source have to put on the footer of your content.

Here is the List of PDF Submission Sites  –

S.No. PDF Submission Sites List Month
1 https://issuu.com/ Feb-18
2 https://www.scribd.com Feb-18
3 http://pdfsr.com Feb-18
4 http://www.edocr.com Feb-18

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