Step By Step Tutorial for On-Page SEO Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the essential tools for leading your online business to the ultimate road to success. SEO involves various methods and systems that help in optimizing your business website, in order to get it displayed in the top result of search engine result pages. Search engine optimization can be divided into two main types, namely on-page and off-page.

On-Page Optimization

SEO on-page optimization basically involves methodologies and alterations that need to be made in the website coding, data, and content etc. To understand better, here is a step by step tutorial for this process.

Use Keywords

Keywords are an essential aspect for optimizing your website right as these keywords or phrases provide the idea as to what the content on a page is about and makes it easier for search engines as well as your audience to understand. So, make sure that you use one primary keyword on the page and some variations of the same keyword at different places on the page.

Page Title

age title is basically a blue, bold and underlined text displayed in the search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo. The page title should be no more than 70 words while displaying the main keyword perfectly. This ‘|’ symbol should be used to separate keywords or main phrases and there should be a different page title for all the web pages on your online site.

Meta Description

The Meta Description is basically a sub-title kind of sentence displayed under the title in the results of the search engines. These sentences clarify the actual description of the page, making the users click on the link. These descriptions should range between 100 to 150 characters. Use of main keyword and its variation in the description tends to get more clicks and audience to your website.


The URL of the website should include the main keyword while utilizing a hyphen (-) symbol to for separating each word.

Heading Tag

At least one H1 tag that includes the primary keyword should be used for each page. Alignment of the H1 tag with the URL and page title is also necessary. Displaying the H1 tag on top of the page is mandatory for the audience to notice first.

Page Content

The content of your page is the center of attraction as the audience mostly checks out the websites for their written material while keyword speaking for the whole. The keywords must be naturally added to the content & should be written in bold & underlined manner while keeping the density and positioning in mind.

Effective CTAs

CTA or call to action is basically a button used to motivate the audience to perform some action that proves profitable for your online business. Few examples of CTAs are ‘subscribe now’, ‘buy now’ or ‘add to cart’. These buttons must be bold, attractive and convincing for the audience to click. These buttons must be linked to some other page on your website or blog through internal linking so that the audience stays longer on your site while increasing the chances of sales even more.

Internal Linking

Another great way to hold the audience for a longer time and provide them with an excellent experience on your online site or blog is by providing internal links to some other page on your website. For example, if there is a keyword on your page and there is a separate content page that explains the keyword specifically, then you need to add an anchor tag to the keyword on the first page. When the visitor clicks on this anchor tag, he or she will be redirected to the other page and make sure to provide a ‘return’ link for the audience to return back to the previous page again.


Images are the essential component of SEO as their optimization is mandatory for the search engine to read and crawl through. Using the primary keyword for optimizing the images on master page & using variations of it in other images is essential. Images can be optimized using the filename with word separated using the hyphen or using alt text i.e. filename without hyphens.


So, this was the step by step approach to on page SEO Optimization and by following these perfectly, you can easily taste the success for your online business.

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