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Web Browser is an application that we use in our daily life. We can search anything with the help of these Applications. Have you used Chrome, Firefox or opera for your online search? Yes! So these all were Web Browser my friends. And day by day the demand for this type of browsers is increasing.


When we are dealing online in any field, Security will become our first priority. Secure our files and data is more important than anything. The browser needs to be updated with all new trends and as well as it has to be aware of phishing or malware sites. And now question is that Which Browser is Safe?


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For resolving your concern, we are giving you some details about all of above.

According to a survey, in last two years, there are many cases were disclosed of Security. You will amaze when to come to know that more than 36% of increment happens in malware. One Million People were attacked by Cyberattack on a daily basis. More than 100 Million Technical Support Scams were disclosed due to which Google now keeping eye on Tech Support Industry. If you are searching about this, you will find that Google Chrome is one of the most popular Vulnerabilities contain website.

There is the list of browsers which is provided by Google:

Google Chrome: it has more than 60% users who use this browser and it is updating on a gap of every 15 days.
Apple Safari: it has around 3.92% users who use this browser and it will update regularly within gap of 54 days
Mozilla Firefox: it will be updated within 15 to 28 days in respect of security.

Opera: There are around 1.53% of users who use this browser and it updated on a gap of 48 days.

Google is becoming the top Discovered vulnerabilities in the world of Security as in the year of 2016, around 172 cases were disclosed in which Google is a culprit. on the other side, Microsoft express only 133 cases.

More than 50% users of Google Chrome were face security Issues while working online. Due to this, there were many security updates which come within a very short period of time. Now the question is that How to Secure Your Browser?

Enabling Automatic Software Updates will surely help you in securing your details as your data is updating on a regular basis and no one can track it.

Antivirus Software is also helping us in securing our Data. Some antivirus sites will detect the malware and indicate us about it.

There are many add-ons available in which you make your account secure by installing such add-ons:
Adblock Plus

HTTPS Everywhere

All of these add-ons were very secure and you can easily work on the internet without any risk or tension.

Besides these add-ons, we will advise you of using private browsers as much as possible, as there is no risk of storing your data.

There are lots of private browsers, which were totally secure for searching purpose:

Tor is available for Window, Mac, and Linux whether SRWare Iron is available for Window, Mac, Linux and Android.

At last, we are not very sure that which browser is best for your search, but you can read the above and then you can decide for yourself. But we are very sure about it that whatever method you are using if you are using it wisely and safely nothing will be gone wrong with your safety. So keep your work legal and safe by all of your good activities so that you will not face any issue in future.

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